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January 31, 2010


Amy Fuehrer

Oh my gosh Holly this is too funny. This is Amy, Trina's niece (kinda anyway- my dad Steve is her cousin) and you and I met at the Fiber and Folk Art Fest over the summer when I was vending. I just wanted to say that in the 70's when I was a kid, my mom was anti-Barbie also, for the same reasons as you. And OH, I wanted a barbie sooooo badly. My aunt ended up buying me one for a birthday or something. And eventually my brother managed to break her log off. So, off I would go, happy with my one legged Barbie, to my best friends house. SHE had e v e r y t h i n g- yes- a gazillion Barbies, tons of outfits (her mom made them), the Barbie house, the car. You name it, she had it. And my one legged Barbie enjoyed it all. Until we turned about 10 and all of a sudden were over it. just like that.

I like your writing style alot- you're a good writer. :)

Take care,

The shop is closing so I won't be vending there again, but maybe we can meet up with Trina next year and go get us some yarn! :)

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