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August 03, 2007



wow! i have had this movie on my list to see for awhile now...gotta get out to see it.
regarding that guy overheard...huh...and i thought MM was preaching to the choir, and if anyone went to see it they'd be reformed. goes to show (or as my dad always said in cases like this - shows to go ya) that stubborn is as well a brick wall for what passes as brains.


As you can imagine, not my two favorite people. However, I have heard that Sicko is an excellent movie. I only go to the movies about twice a year so I guess that one is not on my list.


Oh yes, by the way, take care of yourself. We only have one daughter in law and we want to keep her.


I completely agree that there is a problem with health care in this country. But MM IS full of shit most of the time. I doubt I will see this movie because of my feelings for that man.


MM has no credibility. He's a huge hypocrite and has zero ethics. He's a joke, and so was this movie! When it comes to MM and AlGore, all you have to do is follow the money.


OK, you have a lot of conservative readers. I LOVED the movie. I can't even comprehend how that guy could say it didn't apply to him - is he immortal and never going to get sick? The couple that stuck with me the most were the husband and wife who had to move in with their daughter after they lost their home due to medical bills. They both were professionals with good jobs and seemingly good health insurance. I can't believe that guy didn't identify with them at all.

kathy hernandez

Before he died, Peter Jennings did a piece on the ailing health care system in our country. It was excellent. I've not seen MM's movie, will wait until it is out on DVD, but for those who don't like him, here's a piece of advice: try getting a hold of PJ's documentary-bypass the man you don't care much for and get the scoop from a well-loved news anchor who also dared tell it like it is.

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