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July 21, 2008



Having made your own decision, you don't need me to second it. For my sake, then, congratulations! It is never easy to know one's self and stand true to that person.
On a remotely, tangentially related subject, you might enjoy the book The Judas Horse, about a woman FBI agent who goes deep undercover with animal rights activists/domestic terrorists.


Well you will be missed there. I don't get in there that much because I usually go up to The Fold since she has a better selection of roving for me to spin. I have never heard of that fur stuff before. But don't think I would care for it. Not that kind of gal!

Here is to wishing you luck in whatever you decide to do!!


Telling your view of things might raise El Proprietress's consciousness. Is it possible she just got wow'd by petting the fur and (the sales rep) and didn't think about where the fur came from?

Madame Purl

I think that last sentence just says it all.


Holly, you know I think you rock. (How's that for eloquent?!) You must always do what is best for you and yours, and it is simply too hard to spend a huge portion of your time in a place where you are unhappy. I will miss seeing your smiling face there, but I'm behind you 110% and I admire you for moving on.

Just A Knit Wit

You can't hear it, but I am applauding you for being so firm on your convictions.

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