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October 19, 2007



I adore that book. Adore it.

And the Mercury in retrograde may explain a lot of what I'm dealing with this week, too. :)


Others besides Wenders have told me how much Eat Pray Live has meant to them. I hope I can borrow a copy while I'm at the Knitters Review retreat.
Sorry that your DD's convalescence worried you and that "mom" issues have arisen again. Mom's are a BIG DEAL whether they are easy or hard to deal with.
Your photograph is awesome. May I do a painting fron it?


Pick up a copy of "Lovingkindness" by Sharon Salzberg, you won't be disappointed. It is about developing a loving, compassionate outlook.
The only "bad" thing about that quote is that it alludes to the fact that you can "only" be happy if you strive for it, and that you're supposed to try to keep bad things from happening, which is not possible. Life is about learning from the bad things that happen to us and then not wallowing in them, but moving on; also we need to learn to enjoy the happiness in our (and others) lives and not feel guilty about good fortune coming to us.
Sorry to ramble! I just finished reading "Lovingkindness" for the second time and it will continue to inspire me each time I read it. Don't you just love finding a book that does that?!

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